Marianne Laker Designs

Marianne Laker Designs

I started sewing at the age of 7, taught by my mum who had the patience needed to teach my older sister and me to make garments which we could wear and be proud of.

My skills developed and I soon became hooked, enjoying the process of choosing fabric and a pattern and making from it something I could wear. At the age of 12 I made my first coat and by then I could make almost anything

I made my wedding dress and then as a young mum started to make clothes for my three daughters. Soon I was making clothes for my friend’s children and from this grew the idea of selling clothes at craft fairs.

I have done this now for many years and the range of reversible fleeces I developed about 12 years ago has proved to be my most popular design.

Last year I had my loft converted into a lovely room for sewing and all the clothes on this site are made by me in my loft workroom.

The new loft room means that I can offer to make bespoke special occasion dresses as I now have a fantastic space to use for fittings. My wedding dress was the first of many and since then I have made wedding dresses, prom dresses and bridesmaid’s dresses or friends and friends of friends some of which can be seen on this website.

I am also able to offer sewing workshops.

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